Who is at most risk from Corona Virus ? | Covid 19 Risk

risk of corona virus

Who is at most risk from Corona Virus ? | Covid 19 Risk

Risk from Corona Virus : When a germ enters the body of a new host, it can prove to be more dangerous and that is why when a disease is in the initial stage it is more fatal.

There are many communities that are more vulnerable than any other community or species.

Those people belonging to the poorer sections living in the cities, who are mostly engaged in cleaning work, are more likely to get infected than anyone else.

Apart from this, their immunity is also weak because they lack nutritious elements in their food. Apart from this, lack of cleanliness, contaminated air and water is also a big reason and the saddest part is that due to poverty, this section cannot even afford the treatment.

There is also a high probability of infection spreading in big cities. Cities have a dense population. There is a shortage of clean air. In such a situation, people breathe the same air and go through the same places, which may have been drugged by an infected person.

In many parts of the world, people also use urban-wild life for food. They either hunt the animals living in the cities or they are caught from the surrounding areas and eat the animals that have been dried and frozen.

Who is at most risk from Corona Virus

How are diseases changing our behavior ?

Risk from Corona Virus .. If we talk about the corona virus, then because of this, most countries have closed their borders. Air travel has been banned. People are avoiding talking to each other, getting in touch because they are afraid not to get infected.

It is an intimidating experience in itself.

In the year 2003, due to the SARS epidemic, the global economy was hit by 40 billion dollars for six months. A large part of this cost went towards providing health facilities. With this, the movement of people was closed and there was a loss at the economic level.

What can we do ? to stay away Risk from Corona Virus ?

Governments of society and countries treat each new infectious disease as an independent crisis, rather than identifying how the world is changing.

The more we change our environment, the more we will harm the Earth’s ecosystem. Due to which the possibility of diseases will also increase.

So far, only 10% of the world’s microbes have been documented. Therefore many resources are needed to identify other microbes and identify their source.

If we talk about the example, then it should be investigated how many rats are there in London and which diseases are home to them.

There is another side to it.

Story of corona virus

Many townspeople give importance to urban wildlife, but it is important to recognize that some animals also suffer its potential harm.

Along with this, it should also be considered that whether any wild animal is seen in the new city? Which wildlife people are killing and eating or which animals are being sold in the markets.

These epidemics can be controlled by increasing the cleaning habits, correcting waste and with the help of paste control. But the most important thing is that we are changing our environment and man is increasing his needs.