Story of corona virus coming into human body | Story Of Covid-19

Story of corona virus

Story of corona virus coming into human body | Story Of Covid-19

Story Of Corona Virus : The worldwide death toll from the corona virus has reached more than 30 thousand, but so far no expert or scientist has been able to tell where the corona virus came from.

There are many beliefs about this. Some people believe that it came from the ‘weight-market’ of China. In China, many wild animals are used for food and medicines. The corona virus came into humans from there itself.

At that time, bats were believed to be the original source of the corona virus. It was being argued that this virus reached some humans from the ‘animal market’ in Wuhan city of China and then spread all over the world.

Story of corona virus ...

After this, a research said that this virus has come from pangolin in humans. There was also a research on this.

In this research, it has been said that there are such viruses found in the pangolin that match the corona virus.

But this research is also in its initial stage. Researchers have advised that additional monitoring of pangolins needs to be done to understand their role in the emergence of the corona virus and the risk of their infection in humans in the future.

Now that the corona virus has spread all over the world, some people are also calling it a ‘biological invasion of China’.

On several occasions, the US President has called the Corona virus a Chinese virus or Wuhan virus. This ‘theory-theory’ has gained more strength in recent times as most countries of the world are in lockdown while on the other hand, after being isolated for two months, Wuhan is now removing its restrictions.

It is even being said on social media that at present, the city of Wuhan is the safest place in China, whereas the corona virus was born about three months ago.

But this ‘theory-theory’ has also been challenged.

In California, a research on genetic sequences has ruled out the possibility that it could have been prepared in the laboratory or from genetic engineering. With this research, the ‘theory-theory’ that was going on with China also gets challenged.

One thing that is clear about the corona virus is that it is the result of gradual development.

In this case, it seems more logical that the corona virus came from humans in animals.

 Story Of Covid-19
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

According to the scientists who are arguing, the infected animal came in contact with the human being and that disease occurred in a person. After this, it started spreading among the workers of the wild life market and this led to the global transition.


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